Zero-Knowledge Proofs Made Easy

With zkPass, you can quickly and easily add ZKP capabilities to your applications, without having to worry about the complex underlying cryptography.

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Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) are a powerful way to protect user privacy, and zkPass makes them easy to use, even for devices with limited resources.
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| Why Opt for zkPass

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Scalable Computation

Architecturally designed to serve a range of devices, from mobile endpoints to data centers.

Easy-to-use & Customizable Queries

The easy-to-use zkPass Query Language allows for flexible and expressive proof functions, adapting to any data schema.

Robust Data Privacy

A Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)-backed environment ensures data integrity and confidentiality.

Computation Transparency

Immutable cryptographic proofs validate the accurate and transparent execution of queries.

Trustless System

zkPass eliminates the need for trust in a system, allowing parties to interact without relying on a central authority.

| Use Cases


Employee Onboarding

zkPass lets employers verify new hires' blood tests without needing sensitive personal info.
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Loan Application Screening

zkPass streamlines loan screening by verifying borrowers' identity and credit without sharing personal data.
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Sharing OIDC Users Securely

zkPass securely proves account ownership across companies, enhancing privacy and security without sensitive data.
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Explore the capabilities of zkPass with our demo. See how it works and discover what it can do for you.
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Empower Your Privacy with zkPass

Step into privacy with zkPass – your key to secure, private digital verifications.
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